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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:50

Oosawa mfg co.,Ltd

We can take care of all your precision sheet-metal working needs.

We have a small but highly skilled workforce capable of promptly responding to every need of our customers. Every single one of our employees engages in work with the understanding of what our customers need, based on the meaning and key points of each need, and with the right attitude to tackle each need. Our lean organizational structure is an advantage because it allows our president to constantly keep track of what is going on inside the company.

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Business description, features, facilities, and message from the president
Business description and features
We are committed to providing high-quality finishes (blanking, bending, welding, inspection, etc.) to products such as medical devices, semiconductor-related materials, computer peripherals, and business lockers by utilizing AP100/VPSS3i for programming. We have two qualified aluminum welding engineers in the thin metal sheet sector: one certified as a basic-grade (TN-1F) welding engineer and the other certified as a professional-grade (TN-1V) engineer.
<Our facilities and production lines>
1. Programming (CAD/CAM)
We use CAD data (in DXF/DWG format, etc.) provided by our customers to perform work, allowing us to shorten delivery time.
Even when you do not have drawings ready, all we need is a simple illustration to work out details.
2. Turret punching/laser processing
We own machines such as AC255/C1NT+AS-2512 manufactured by AMADA, allowing us to respond to our customers' needs, ranging from the production of a single item to mass production.
3. Bending
We have three servo-operated/hydraulically operated machines, including HG8025 manufactured by AMADA and PAS5012 manufactured by KOMATSU.
4. Welding
We have a DT300PII digital-pulse TIG welding machine and a DL350II digital inverter CO2 welding machine manufactured by DAIHEN, in addition to spot welding machines and stud welding machines, among others. Our JIS Z3811-qualified aluminum welding engineers provide high-precision welding on products delivered to our customers.
5. Quality inspection and delivery
Finished products are not only subjected to visual inspection, but also reevaluated for size and quantity to ensure that our customers get exactly what they asked for.
Message from the president
Since our business inception in 1970, we have always strived to strengthen our sheet-metal working technology.
Our technical expertise in precision sheet-metal working accumulated over years of hard work is something that we treasure the most, and is essential to producing high-quality products.
I believe that, in all ages, a high standard is maintained by "people", and the basics of manufacturing lie in "craftsmanship".
I am determined to protect the trust built by the founder of this company who is also my father, and do everything in my power to ensure that all my employees enjoy working in a friendly environment.

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