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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:10

Wastec ENERGY.

We contribute to the regional community with consideration for the preservation of the global environment.

We manufacture recommercialized products with the aim of building a recycling-based society. Our wastec plastic stakes, made of 100% recycled plastic, are sold at home improvement stores nationwide and boast the top market share in the industry in Japan

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Sales Pitch

Contributing to the local community with the aim of building a recycling-oriented society by recycling the resources that are discharged from homes and companies
[Products handled]
Recommercialized products (round piles, square piles, boundary piles, pallets, garbage bags, wastec sand, and wastec rocks) and RPF
[Owned patents]
<Design registration>
Assembly connecting tool for building shelves and benches
<Trademark registration>
Wastec energy/Wastec repla/Wastec rocks/Wastec frames
[Main equipment]
Plastic crusher: 3 units   
White tray recycled material manufacturing machine: 1 unit   
Recycled plastic material manufacturing machine: 4 units   
Plastic recycling system plant: 2 units   
Glass bottle recycling plant: 1 unit
Interlocking block manufacturing plant: 1 unit   
Automatic optical sorter: 1 unit
Solid fuel (RPF) manufacturing plant: 1 unit   
Plastic product molding machine: 8 units
Plastic pallet product molding machine: 2 units   
Jumbo baler recycling machine: 2 units   
Styrofoam volume reduction machine: 1 unit
Inflation-molding machine: 3 units   
Bag-making machine: 2 units

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