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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:12

Joetsu Bronz1 Corporation.

We work hard and with integrity to recycle and create things with value - Bronz1.

We sell copper alloy ingots, continuous casting products, centrifugal casting products, and products processed from extrusion materials.

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Sales Pitch

We will continue to provide products that meet the needs of the time.
[Business description and features]
We sell copper-alloy ingots, continuous-casting products, centrifugal-casting products, and products processed from extrusion materials. We have built an integrated system that covers everything from raw materials and casting to processing, and we have promoted the enhancement of our production capacity, reduced costs, and shortened lead times.
In recent years, we have focused on the development of lead-free materials for waterworks-related parts and wear-resistant materials for general industrial machines to meet the needs of the market, and we offer products that are ready for the needs of the future.
[Technical field]
Various high-strength brass continuous cast products, various bronze continuous cast products, lead-free copper alloy continuous cast products, aluminum bronze continuous cast products, and phosphor bronze continuous cast products
<Processing, treatment, and technology>
Raw materials cutting, NC lathe and machining, roughing and finishing, NC bar work, and heat treatment (annealing)
Waterworks-related parts, industrial machinery parts, continuous casting products, and extruded products
[Main equipment]
Induction melting furnace: 12 units (High frequency: 4; Low frequency: 8)  
Horizontal casting equipment: 14 units 
Straightener: 11 units (For round materials: 6 units; for odd-form materials: 5 units)  
Drawbench: 2 units  
Vertical centrifugal casting machine: 4 units (Outer diameter Φ100 to Φ1200) 
Horizontal centrifugal casting machine: 1 unit (Φ200 to Φ600)  
NC lathe: 110 units   
Turning: 6 units (Φ600 to Φ1600)  
Machining center: 5 units (Vertical: 2 units; Horizontal: 3 units)

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