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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:05

hazkarikogyo Co. Ltd.

We aim to become an indispensable company in our society.

We are a local general contractor that offers public and private construction, civil engineering design and construction management, and residential building transaction business. To meet the demands of a diverse society, we consider it our mission to prioritize the basics, return to the starting point, and work hard on refining our technology. We are actively developing technology for the environmental sector.

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Construction related to social infrastructure
We are a local general contractor that offers all kinds of construction and civil engineering.
Our civil engineering, architecture, carpentry, plastering, construction/civil engineering, stone, roofing, piping, tiles, bricks/blocks, steel structures, rebars, paving, dredging, sheet metal, glass, coating, waterproofing, interior finishing, heat insulation, landscape gardening, joinery, water facilities, and demolition work are all approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, which implies that we can handle all types of construction management. We have more than 200 partner companies, and we are proud of the quality of our construction work.
We have a wealth of experience in civil engineering and construction in both public and private works.
In our public-work business, we have an extensive track record in the construction of social infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, river levees, and laying water and sewer services, and in architecture, we handle a wide range of buildings from elementary and middle schools, gymnasiums, prefectural housing, and civic centers to buildings for businesses, condominiums, car dealerships, health facilities for the elderly, medical facilities, and private nursery schools.
We are developing technology for use in the environmental field.
The [Green control ecosystem] developed by our company is a weed control method that uses recycled incinerator ash. You can make an environment where it is difficult for weeds to grow by simply spreading a 10-cm thick layer of “Arcsand K” recycled incinerator ash evenly on the ground. In addition, our [Ecosystem preservation bottom sediment resource recovery system] uses dredging technology that accumulates mulch deposits from lakes and marshes together with water and then separates the fresh water to create soil with low moisture content. This system can be applied to bottom sediment recovery work and water quality improvement work. The water of lakes and marshes is left as is and this method has no impact on the surrounding environment nor on aquatic life. The dehydrated soil can be reused as planting mix.



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