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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:05

Taira Co.,Ltd.

Affixing, cutting, and extraction processing

We go back to the basics of affixing, cutting, extracting, and processing to impress our partners and give them peace of mind so that they will know our company as the one that loves its customers, business partners, products, and staff.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology outline
Business content/features
We mainly manufacture a variety of packing materials, insulation materials, shield materials, and tape materials used for electric and electronic equipment, audio equipment, mobile equipment, measuring equipment, and building materials. Our products include various pressed, drawn, bent, and cut plastics, punched products made from foaming agents such as various types of rubber and urethane foam, punched products made from various paper materials, sound-absorbing materials, heat-insulating materials, waterproof materials, and nets, pasted and punched products that include various double-sided tapes and adhesive sheets, punched and bent products made from various composite materials, thermal-pressed and heat-sealed products, silk printing, seal-printed products, rubber-molded and vacuum-molded products, assembled products (including products assembled on a clean bench), laser engraving/cutting, UV inkjet printing, multicutting plotter cutting, and cutting processing.
Overview of main products and technologies
Our chemical products have a wide range of applications such as mobile communications (mobile phones, wireless devices, and mobile stations), medical/measurement/inspection instruments (measuring instruments, inspection instruments, and test equipment), home appliances (TVs, VTRs, air-conditioning equipment, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and cooking equipment), construction materials (decorative materials, interspace materials, heat-insulating materials, and soundproofing materials), OA equipment (PCs, copiers, and FAX), and audio (stereos, microphones, and speakers).
Message from the representative (Efforts to develop future sales channels, intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
We work on monozukuri craftsmanship with pride to make products that satisfy our customers using care to gain our customers’ trust and give them peace of mind. We build systems that are useful when needed, never forgetting to appreciate having accomplished it together, and we strive to impress. We strive to increase mutual benefits with our partners with the aim of mutual prosperity and growth, and we cooperate in sharing issues and working to improve and reform those issues. We also respect the individuality of every employee and provide an environment in which employees can demonstrate their capabilities under fair evaluations that give consideration to the result and the process, and we maintain our forward thinking.

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