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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:05

Sayama mold manufacturing co., ltd.

We design and manufacture molds for precision molding, manufacture precision molding, and offer consulting on minute parts processing and molds/molding technology.

Sayama Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional organization that offers the design and manufacture of molds for precision molding, manufacture of precision molding, consulting on minute parts processing, and molds/molding technology. We are aiming to be the “pinnacle of technology” in Japan, a country famous for monozukuri craftsmanship, to deliver “Made In Japan” quality to the rest of the world.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology outline
Business content/features
Sayama Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has its head office in an area surrounded by the abundant nature of the Sayama hills. The cherry blossoms in our garden are beautiful when they bloom in the spring. Why did we choose this location, given that it is inconvenient for visitors? We chose it because in die and mold making, for which accuracy from sub-micron order is demanded, even vibration from passing cars may impact on the processing stage. Another major cause was that this location has a calming effect on our employees. This location is ideal for focusing on monozukuri craftsmanship in a calm environment that lacks the hustle and bustle of the city. As we make precision products, careful consideration is required. Every decision we make is in the pursuit of the ideal, from the location to the environment, to fulfill our commitment as professionals.
Overview of main products and technologies
Since our founding, we have aimed for the pinnacle of technology, always installing cutting-edge technology and not sparing any expense in our equipment investment. We have created an environment in which we can realize precision molding of the highest grade, having installed top-of-class, cutting-edge technology, such as an NC grinder and electric discharge machine that can be controlled in orders of 0.1 microns, a wire electric discharge machine that can automatically connect φ0.02 wires, and a 45000-rpm machining center. Furthermore, to prevent deformation of metal owing to temperature differences, the processing room is maintained at a constant temperature with a tolerance of ±1°C. In addition, with regard to our machinery, we have surprised manufacturers in many ways, including by realizing accuracy in excess of the values announced by the manufacturer by devising new approaches of using the machines. We will continue to pursue human technology that pushes the limits of the machines.
Message from the representative (Efforts to develop future sales channels, intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
Dies and molds are essential for the mass production of industrial products. In other words, dies and molds might simply be a tool for performing monozukuri craftsmanship. However, Japanese people have the motivation and a sense for making even better things, and the work in which that can best be utilized is producing dies and molds. Therefore, it is a job that is a great match for Japanese people. Thus, Japan has been able to embody world-class precision dies and molds and become an industrialized country to the extent that it has. From now on, we can assert that dies and molds are one of the technologies that must remain in Japan. Our company intends to keep our monozukuri craftsmanship site in Japan forever. Put your trust in the quality of “Made in Japan,” which is created with the Japanese spirit.

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