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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:06

S-Tech Inc.

We offer the development and manufacture of vibration-testing equipment, impact testing equipment, vibration generators, and anatomical models of the human body.

We strive to meet the requirements of any company. The stability of the test values is evaluated by each company.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology outline
Business content/features
We mainly design, manufacture, sell, maintain and calibrate impact testing equipment for automobile safety testing, impactors (skull section) for protecting pedestrians, impact testing equipment, human dummies for testing and research, vibration testing machines, fatigue testing machines, centrifugal acceleration testing machines, and breathing simulators. Vibration testing machines and vibration generators support the testing of vibration characteristics and endurance testing for industrial products, such as automotive equipment, electronics and precision equipment. In addition, in our range of impact testing machines, we manufacture impact destruction testing / damage evaluation testing equipment for composite materials, such as automobile and rolling stock parts, and electrical equipment.
Overview of main products and technologies
Pedestrian protection testing machines are impact testing machines that can be used to test pedestrian protection performance under Japan standards and under automotive assessment (JNCAP) EEVC/WG17. We can output the free flight impact testing of head and leg models and reproduce on a test stand using a conversion pneumatic cylinder. A vibration tester is a large vibration generator that is used to test the vibration characteristics and vibration resistance of a structure or the ground. The vibration generation direction can be set to the desired angle vertically to horizontally by controlling four unbalanced weights simultaneously using servo motors.
Message from the representative (Efforts to develop future sales channels, intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
S-tech Co., Ltd. was established by taking over the drawing materials of Ito Precision Machine Co., Ltd., which boasted a track record of a number of development achievements in the testing machine industry, and combining them with our own experience and knowledge. Many of the partners who use our testing machines are listed companies. We have designed and manufactured impact testing machines for the automotive industry, such as testing machines for protecting pedestrians, vibration testing machines, anatomical models of the human body, acceleration testing machines, and vibration generators. We will continue striving to respond to the diverse requirements of our customers as a testing machine developer and manufacturer that always focuses on the development of new technologies and products without sticking to the status quo.

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