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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:12

Nakazato Construction Co., Ltd.

Safe and secure provision of tap water, from upstream to downstream

The “Aquapig” construction method is environmentally-friendly, compatible with various safety conditions nationwide, and makes it possible to clean long-distance water pipes in a short period of time. For the cleaning of piping in private factories, the construction time has been reduced by 85% compared with the conventional method and costs have been reduced by 50%.

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Business content/features/appeal points
Business content and features
 We do general waterways business, including the Aquapig construction method, and maintenance of waterworks facilities, which are the most important of the essential services. Waterways mean the paths that water passes through, and our waterways business has a business model that focuses on the integrated maintenance of the paths that tap water passes through, from upstream to downstream.
[Our appealing points]
Our company has built a business structure that performs maintenance for everything from the highest point upstream to the lowest point downstream, including (1) state-of-the-art robots that can survey and clean the water in the water reservoir upstream, (2) the Aquapig construction method that cleans the inside of the water pipes midstream, (3) cleaning of the water supply pipes using ozone downstream. We not only clean water pipes, but we also clean the pipelines inside large factories run by private companies.
 [Aquapig construction method]
 The Aquapig construction method is used to survey and diagnose pipelines that are of concern. This is a surveying and cleaning method that is suitable for periods of maintenance and crisis management, involving order-made design and construction according to the site conditions to resolve such issues.

The patent for a “pig for cleaning pipes” (Aquapig), invented jointly with Achilles Corporation was registered on December 4, 2015.
In addition, the patent for the “pipeline cleaning machine and pipeline cleaning method” (Aquapig cleaning construction method) that was invented by our company was registered in November 18, 2016, and the patent for a “continuous pig launching machine” was registered on November 2, 2017.
Message from the representative
Using the 100th anniversary year of our company as an opportunity, we are aiming to expand overseas so that we can contribute toward the SDG of “(6) Safe water and toilets worldwide,” starting with the water pipe cleaning business in Indonesia, adopted even by a support business of JICA while expanding the Aquapig construction method in Japan, as our trump card for various types of pipe maintenance, including water pipes.

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