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Latest update: 23/05/2023 14:02:11

TKR Corporation

A manufacturing solution partner that gives shape to your creations

We do monozukuri craftsmanship in 5 countries, centered in Asia Our strength is our ability to provide one-stop services closer to our customers, such as design, circuit board mounting, precision pressing, plastic molding, assembly, and repair work.

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Major product overview
Power supply module
We propose and provide optimal solutions to our customers using technologies such as circuit rationalization of power supply circuit boards, high-density part layout technology, and miniaturization and weight reduction through part optimization.
We develop and produce resin-filled transformer products for a wide range of fields, with a focus on medium-high voltage insulation types for negative ion generation and multi-function printers (MFPs).
Taking advantage of circuit design technology represented by power supply products, we have made a lineup of ultra-compact thin high-pressure units for air conditioners and air purifiers equipped with our original compact dedicated transformers.
We also offer customization for new product applications that meet customer needs.
Please order from our highly reliable product lineup that uses DC 50 kV high voltage insulation technology, which supports flyback transformers for TVs and monitors.
Product applications: copiers, printers, air purifiers, etc.
Output voltage: 2 kV - 8 kV
Drive circuit: PWM method, RCC method
Output circuit: Built-in high-voltage resistor, detection resistor, and high-voltage capacitors
Remarks: Small size and high reliability
Hydrogen suction machine
Small and light
300 ml/min model height 19.5 cm, weight 2.0 kg
High volume hydrogen generation
A lineup of 4 models for each generation volume (200 ml / 300 ml / 500 ml / 1000 ml) .
Highest purity hydrogen experience
Over 99.96%.
Can be used by two people  to inhale at the same time
For 300 ml/min model 150 ml each (Hydrogen volume is halved.)
Can be used to inhale not only hydrogen but also oxygen
Mixed inhalation of hydrogen and oxygen is possible with a dedicated tube.
Made secure with a safety device
Shuts down automatically if the main unit falls over or overheats.
Safe and secure made in Japan
We offer free maintenance service for one year for defects caused by normal use.

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