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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:13

Soutome Tekko Co., Ltd.

A small, elite team for machine processing. 

Our main business is machine processing single parts.  We possess diverse expertise in the processing of metal parts, nonferrous metals, plastics, and nylons.  Our processing system can flexibly accommodate urgent requests and tight deadlines.  We will carefully accommodate your requirements. 

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Mainly processing large (2000 mm x 4000 mm) parts for automobile parts dedicated machines
High-precision 1-step setup (four faces) is possible with a portal-type five-sided machine.
Using a gate type five-plane processing machine makes it possible to process the upper surface and four sides and allows high-precision processing for flatness and squareness.  Moreover, as it allows processing in one step, it can reduce both the preparation time and processing error, enabling processing precision improvement and meeting of tight deadlines. 
Achieves high-precision machining in a short delivery time
By adding a small (500 mm x 1000 mm) machining center, CNC lathe (Φ 400 x 1000 mm) and two large five-plane processing machines (2500 mm x 4200 mm), we are now capable of achieving high precision in machining.  Moreover, thorough training of our workers has enabled us to synergize the abilities of machines and humans to achieve higher precision and quicker delivery. 

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