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Latest update: 02/06/2022 16:48:07

Associates Co., Ltd.

We reduce energy costs through groundwater use or desalination projects.

We propose energy costs that are one step ahead, centered on risk-free water.
We work on solving various problems, from well drilling to the use of groundwater and desalination, utilizing the expertise we have accumulated through many years of experience.

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Business content/features
Our company is a professional team for works related to energy, particularly water treatment.
Our main business is to propose reductions to energy-related running costs, and we contribute to energy rationalization of our clients.
In particular, water supply places a burden on infrastructure. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce costs and improve efficiency and to follow strict standards and perform maintenance that is suitable for a backup system.
In addition, there are many places overseas where the conditions are severe, for instance, owing to the lack of public water supply or poor maintenance, and these are places where our plant truly provides a lifeline.
I would like to make the most of our expertise in comprehensive and rational management and supply of this energy to contribute not only to Japanese companies and environment but also to the lives of local people around the world through its international dissemination.
Appealing points
We propose total solutions for reducing water and energy costs, for instance, through the use of groundwater and desalination of seawater.
Groundwater business: Companies normally pay water and sewage charges for the water bill. However, by digging a well within the customer’s facilities and filtering the water, we provide water that meets drinking standards.
Seawater desalination projects: We realized desalination technology that effectively uses seawater as a resource by turning it into a large volume of fresh water. We will contribute to addressing water shortage that is a global concern for the future.
Energy-saving business: In addition to proposals related to water, we can review energy costs as a whole and provide comprehensive proposals. We can anticipate various synergies.
Message from the representative
We provide proposals that satisfy safety, comfort and convenience requirements, and realize all manner of water and power-related requests at the higher level.

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