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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:34

Tobii Technology K.K.

The world leader in eye tracking!

Tobii Technology K.K., with its headquarters located in Sweden, is the world's leading company in the field of eye tracking.
We have 60% of global market share and provide our services to more than 6,000 organizations.

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Passing down the techniques of skilled workers
Eye tracking visualizes the intuitions and tricks of skillful workers. 
There have been cases where an employee training period is reduced by half, or that period expected to be reduced by 400 hours. Eye tracking makes non-verbalized intuitions and tricks clear, allowing techniques to be passed on to other workers.
This inheritance of techniques leads to the streamlining of personnel development and the improvement of productivity and safety in factories.

DENSO CORPORATION standardized the techniques of expert workers by conducting consultations with them as well as investigating their eye movement, and incorporated the results in its "Visual Inspection Manual." Currently, eye tracking is used to train novice examiners, and the examiner training period has been successfully reduced by half.

H&H Castings, an aluminum-casting factory in Pennsylvania, the US, created a video-based manual that shows data on the eye movement of skilled workers. The company estimates that the time required for training the employees will be reduced by 400 hours every year. 
For analyzing consumer activity.
Eye tracking reveals the targets that consumers pay attention to or that they are interested in. In relation to product packages, shelving allocations, and advertisements, eye tracking allows our clients to grasp "what consumers are looking at." The revealed data is used for marketing and product improvement.


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