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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:05

CrossCutJapan L.L.C.

Fifty years of harmony between people and IT - watching over Japanese infrastructure and resilience

Research and system development for resolving societal issues in surveying and inspection and maintenance for resilience (fire prevention and mitigation) in infrastructure and related key facilities

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Sales Pitch

Hands-free for safety. Glasses-type wearable system
Top-priority accident prevention 
Remote monitoring of work status using GPS and IMU as safety management measures
Properly share conversations and pictures of the site status in real time with the back office
Shortening work times and lead times
The wearable monitor is crucial in allowing you to assess work by opening a work procedure or work standards manual at any time, anywhere, and in any situation, preventing work errors.
Resolve sudden issues that arise during work with remote support using video and spoken conversation
By sharing video and image information, you can immediately start recording trails and creating deliverables in the back office as soon as work is completed, which helps to shorten lead time.
Cutting-edge technology to solve labor shortages and help work style reforms
The glasses-type wearable device is approximately 48 g and the Windows device is compact and lightweight, weighing approximately 310 g.
The device is simpler to use than a smartphone, using cross keys with up/down/left/right/OK buttons, providing even more opportunities not only for young employees but for women and senior citizens to play an active role.
Feel free to try it at our promotional events such as our company information sessions.