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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:30

Global Machine Co., Ltd.

We aim to provide total solutions for metal working by applying reliable technology and a wealth of expertise.

In addition to producing vehicle parts and industrial machine parts, recently we have been engaged in the design and production of manufacturing equipment and more. Today, mass production sites continue to be relocated to other countries, and production in Japan is shifting to high-mixes and small lots. Taking this into account, we are focusing on "a return to handmade products" made with artisans' skills, requiring technical capabilities and many processes.  Under the slogan of "Ultimate Speed," we specialize in processing parts in short delivery times. Furthermore, we also propose ideas for improving production.

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Company profile
[Business outline]
-Parts for semiconductor production equipment
-Parts for various industrial machines
-Manufacture of vehicle parts
-Manufacture of electrical appliance parts
-Design, production, and assembly of industrial machines, labor-saving devices, etc.
[Our company's strengths]
◆Ultimate speed
Ultimate speed means that we can process and deliver products at speeds our rivals cannot match and which impress our clients.   
◆Analogue technology
By making full use of general-purpose machines and humans' five senses, we perform the kind of manufacturing that only Japanese can do. 
◆All-round strength
Our all-round strength derives from the various equipment installed at our company, which includes electrical discharge machines, wire cutters, M/C, large- to small-sized NC lathes, and welders.
◆In-house design
Since we have in-house staff specializing in design, we can perform all processes from design to assembly and adjustment.
◆Quality assurance
In order to provide clients with high-quality products, we have established a reliable quality management system. By using a variety of testing equipment, such as three-dimensional measuring devices, we carefully check the size and shape of each product to verify whether the product complies with the data and blueprints.
[Message from the President] 
In 1972, our company was founded in Machida City, Tokyo. We started business as a company processing vehicle parts. Then, in 1991, we established a new factory in Shonai, Yamagata Prefecture. After that, the local production of vehicle parts became popular, and as a result, we had a hard time in our business. We then shifted our business to the manufacture of general machine parts, which has made good progress. In 2011, we moved our headquarters to Shonai. Since then, we have attracted attention as a local Yamagata company. 
For everything from design to manufacture, assembly, wiring and installation, we are rated as a company that meets requests for machine parts in an integrated fashion. In addition, as there are not many companies that can produce handmade products with lathes and cylindrical grinding machines, or that can handle welded structure-products, clients rely on us in an increasing variety of situations.
We are very popular as an all-around player. Our factories have become too small to respond to all orders, and we are continuously expanding them. We are very busy thanks to support from our clients, and we hope to continue enjoying this support in the future.
[Main equipment]
-Horizontal machining centers
-Small horizontal machining centers
-Vertical machining centers
-Milling centers
-NC lathes
-Tamping centers
-Vertical milling machines
-Horizontal milling machines
-NC milling machines
-Drilling machines
-Tapping machines
-Vertical drilling machines
-Surface grinding machines
-External cylindrical grinding machines
-Band saw machines
-Contour machines
-Electric discharge machines
[Organizations we belong to]
-Shonai-machi Commerce and Industry Association
-Sakata Chamber of Commerce and Industry
-Sagamihara Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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