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Latest update: 31/05/2023 12:08:21

Tokyo Engineering Co., Ltd.

A technology group that creates the future. We realize automation and labor saving in all industries.

With a focus on technology that fuses machinery and electronics, we have been involved in the development of all processes related to the fuel pellet manufacturing process involved in nuclear power development, and have refined our technology. We would like to contribute to the progress and development of society and reduce costs for our customers by utilizing the mechatronics technology and software technology that we have cultivated through the development of automation technology to realize automation and labor saving in other industries. Currently, we have developed an automatic winding and bundling device (which can be connected online with an extruder) as a general-purpose machine. We also do subdivision winding.

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Main products
Nuclear Power
We have many achievements in nuclear related equipment and devices installed in cells and glove boxes. Equipment and devices installed inside cells and glove boxes require special knowledge and design concepts from the standpoint of maintainability and operability. For many years, our company has been involved in the design and manufacture of equipment related to nuclear power, especially in the manufacturing process of plutonium pellets and fuel rods, so we have accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge and experience. We deliver high-performance equipment such as equipment and devices to be installed in glove boxes and transport equipment.
Automation and Labor-saving
We design and manufacture processing machines and manufacturing equipment for the manufacturing processes of products in various industries, and combined with inspection equipment for finished products, we have achieved significant automation and labor saving, contributing to cost reduction and increased manufacturing capacity. 

*Special dedicated machines are introduced below.
In automatic processing, we have a track record of 1. Grinding, 2. Polishing, 3. Bending, 4. Caulking, etc. In automatic inspection, we have a track record of 1. Dimensional inspection (length, height, thickness, width) 2. Angle inspection 3. Torsion inspection 4. Weight Inspection 5. Density inspection (calculated from dimension and weight data) 6. Image processing inspection (scratches, pinholes, mixture of different types, label misalignment), etc. We also have a strong track record in inspection equipment only. Currently, we have developed an automatic winding and bundling device (which can be connected online with an extruder) as a general-purpose machine. We also do subdivision winding.
Control & Software
In the inspection process of equipment and devices related to nuclear power, there are tasks such as raw data processing (calculating density, angle, bend, twist, warp, etc. from dimensions, weight, etc.), data organization and recording, and data exchange with the host computer, and we have numerous track records in each of these areas. Using our experience and knowledge, we can provide control and software that reduce the defect rate and improve production efficiency by reflecting production line control, quality control, and inspection data on production machines.

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