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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:33


We are a company specializing in progressive die pressing

We are a group of specialists engaging in precision pressing work, ranging from the design as well as production of progressive dies to the integrated mass-production of precision pressed components.


Sales Pitch

[Company profile]
[Business outline and merits]
Our company is a group of specialists in precision pressing, handling everything from the design and production of progressive press dies to the mass production processing of precision press parts.
[Summary and use cases for our main products, technologies, goods, and services]
We are a company specializing in progressive pressing. Since dies require initial costs (early-stage investment), in many cases cost merit is generated only after more than 100,000 products are manufactured. We specialize in producing dies for manufacturing more than 100,000 products. 
However, if the die to be produced is expected to produce a small amount of products, we consider methods such as the following: (1) Processing of prototypes by using die production equipment, (2) use of simplified progressive press dies, and (3) production with a one-shot die at our subcontracted factory. Then, we will propose the processing method with the lowest cost.   
Message from the President (initiatives for developing new distribution channels, putting J-GoodTech to use, and other information)
We have consistently been pursuing press working techniques since our foundation in 1962. By thoroughly researching and developing press dies, insisting on quality, and making continuous improvements, we have now become a company called on by clients in Japan and abroad. 
Going forward, we will continue our efforts as a group of specialists in precision press working, striving to meet the expectations of our customers around the world and to become a factory providing essential solutions to difficult problems.

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