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Latest update: 15/09/2022 12:22:13

meiwagom Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer which is located in Higashiosaka City, a town of manufacturing, and which manufactures various types of rubber products

We mainly manufacture rubber products simultaneously molded with other materials such as metal, resin, cloth, and film.  
Of the products, we carefully produce food-related products and challenging products requiring modification. Although we have mainly manufactured rubber rollers for many years, we are considering utilizing adhesion and molding technologies, which we have so far nurtured, to produce products with various shapes.

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Description of business
Rubber rollers
Since we are good at metal molding, we are able to mass-produce odd-shaped rubber rollers, giving a sense of security in terms of quality and cost.
We propose rubber materials by responding to requirements such as abrasion resistance, mold release characteristics, and adhesion.
For small-lot production, we can process products with NC grinders. Therefore, please feel at ease to entrust us with processes ranging from trial production to mass-production.
Plates: Products molded with rubber
Rubber strongly adheres to various materials such as metal plates, CFRP, and wood. Products molded with rubber are required by many industries including those related to film, food, and semiconductors. We fully utilize a long press molding machine the length of which is 1,800. 
For products to be mass-produced, it is very important to design metal molds that can omit working processes following the pressing process.  
Rubber plates: Splicing and vulcanizing
In some cases, the press molding machine the length of which is 1,800 cannot produce required products. 
In such a case, the product is vulcanized, while the metal mold is moved little by little, to gradually mold the product (by 2 m, 3 m, and so on). We produce products, the maximum length of which is 4 m, by splicing and vulcanizing them.  
Since our extruding machine dedicated to rubber can perform a preforming process, we can produce products with a certain amount of thickness.