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Latest update: 30/11/2020 15:54:22

Osaka Lighting Co.,Ltd.

A 50-year history of continuously manufacturing light bulbs. We will continue to wholeheartedly manufacture products ranging from incandescent electric bulbs to LED-application products.

We have produced devices to keep vegetables fresh in refrigerators using photocatalyst ethylene degradation.  Following this, we successfully developed a portable sterilization/deodorization device with thin design for indoor air, which can be hung on walls, the first of its kind in Japan.

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Sales Pitch

Portable disinfectant deodorizer (Nano Crystal Air)
Controlling airborne bacteria and virus
Controlling 99%+ of bacteria and virus in 1–2 hours compared with natural attenuation
High deodorizing effects
It overwhelmingly eliminates cigarette odor, body odor and pet odor.
Offering constant “cleanliness” to you and your family, maintained easily
It is fundamentally different from other companies’ products, which emit active oxygen species, and this product does not emit ozone either. It has long life, is maintenance-free, and users do not need to replace parts or inject water.
Utilization scene
• For small beds for children
• For nursing care beds for the elderly
• For work desk at the office
• For toilets that you are concerned about       
Photocatalytic principles
Nano-sizing photocatalytic particles. In addition, recoupling will be reduced by adding a platinum layer, which has a property of reserving electron. As a result, we succeeded in improving the quantum efficiency by 20 times (originally 0.1%)
Instantaneous and consistent photocatalytic decomposition in the disinfection deodorizer. Moreover, hazardous substances can be trapped by the photocatalyst, not allowing them to flow into residential areas.

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