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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:46


Producing photovoltaic road safety products and performing plastic molding 

We produce photovoltaic road safety products, perform plastic molding as well as trial production of metal molds, and produce mass-production molds. Beacon Liner®, a photovoltaic delineator emitting laser light on the road, was evaluated as "Overall Judgment: Rank A" and "Promising Technology" in the "Public Call for New Road Lighting Technology" collected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in FY 2020. 

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Product introduction
Beacon Liner®, a photovoltaic delineator emitting laser light on the road
The only one and Japan's first delineator emitting semiconductor laser light, which has high energy density and excellent straightness, directionality, as well as monochromaticity, on the road. Under low visibility due to whiteout, heavy rain, or the like, the green lines and light walls are illuminated, allowing drivers to immediately recognize the road shape. 
Delta Pole®, a photovoltaic light-emitting delineator
It incorporates a delta-shaped inner structure. The three sides of the delta incorporate solar battery panels to allow power to be generated from all directions (360º), greatly increasing electricity generating capacity. This is the only product that can emit light around the clock in winter in which snowstorms rage.
Hexa Pole®, a photovoltaic LED-light-emitting delineator 
Large-sized roadside delineator for preserving the scenery. If it is used as a center divider, LED lights can be installed on both sides of the delineator to assist drivers on both the driving and opposite lanes. Since it is equipped with a GPS (global positioning system), synchronous lighting or delay control is enabled.