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We develop, manufacture, process, produce, and sell plastic bags and the MASKER masking film.

We develop, manufacture, process, produce, and sell plastic bags and the MASKER masking film. Our masking tape for painting has an 80% market share in Japan. We can flexibly respond to various orders from our customers, ranging from small-batch orders, high-volume orders, orders for non-standard sizes, custom orders, and customization needs (printing, coloring, etc.).

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80% market share in Japan!
"SUPER CORONA®" is our registered trademark and patented technology.

This product is our original masking film for painting. It is a groundbreaking product incorporating our original technology that treats the inner surface of the film made of hard polyethylene (HD-PE) with corona discharge, thereby transforming the various disadvantages of masking film into advantages.
"MASKER", the high-efficiency protection material created by integrating tape with a sheet

MASKER is a protection material created by integrating masking tape with a protection sheet (plastic sheet). It allows our customers to achieve greater efficiency of work by taking away the need to separately arrange for masking tape and a protection sheet.

While increasing work speed and reducing workload, this product provides the same level of protection as the conventional masking tape + protection sheet. One of the greatest highlights of this product is that it can be torn cleanly (in almost a straight line at right angles to its lateral edges) with the fingers, allowing anyone to perform masking work with ease.

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