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Design, development, manufacture, and sales of shell-and-tube type and radiator type heat exchangers
Sales of plate type heat exchangers and automatic oil temperature regulators

Kamui’s heat exchangers are available in various types to meet all kinds of customer needs. Please consult with us to select the most suitable heat exchanger, such as shell-and-tube type or radiator type, according to your use situation. Our broad standard product lineup and expertly designed and manufactured customized products ensure prompt delivery. We do not use any asbestos products for environmental protection.

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Our more than 50 years of experience as a heat exchanger manufacturer allows us to do this
Shell-and-Tube Type Heat Exchanger
This is a heat exchanger with a structure where fluid passes through a shell (cylinder) and many tubes (heat transfer tubes) to exchange heat among them. Since this type of exchanger is useful for cooling, heating, condensation, and evaporation, its applications are broad, including hydraulic equipment, ships, and chemical plants. It is also customizable to meet various legal standards.
Radiator Type Heat Exchanger (plate and fin type)
This is a heat exchanger that cools hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, etc., flowing in the radiator by using the air sent by the fan as a cooling medium. It is used in hydraulic equipment, ships, construction machinery, gas turbine generators, etc. Since this heat exchanger uses no water or water piping, there is no risk of water mixing with the cooled fluid.
Plate Type Heat Exchanger
Two plates, Plates A and B, are arranged alternately to form a flow path between the plates to exchange heat between the low-temperature and high-temperature fluids.
Automatic Liquid Temperature Controller
This is an oil cooler built into a refrigeration unit that automatically controls the temperature of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, cutting oil, cutting fluid, etc.

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