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PDM Co., Ltd.

PDM contributes to "Monozukuri" (manufacturing) in Japan.

Our company has a 56-year history and track record in supplying nonferrous metal materials such as titanium and handling metal materials. In addition, we supply titanium products, which are said to be difficult to process, with high quality and reliability by making full use of our analysis and evaluation techniques.

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Sales Pitch

Heat Removal (Heat Insulation) Agent, Heat Buster TK2
This agent can prevent (insulate) the effects of heat from soldering, welding, and brazing work.
Heat Buster TK2 is an adhesion-type heat-removal paste that can be applied anywhere. It can prevent (insulate) the thermal effects of soldering, welding, and brazing work.
Safe, secure, and non-toxic.
Pasty texture and can be applied anywhere. Easy to apply.
It is pH neutral—no metal corrosiveness.
Si-free. No siloxane gas generation.
Water soluble and easy to remove.
No harmful gases are emitted from Heat Buster when heated.

Prevents heat diffusion during soldering and welding operations.
Protects peripheral electronic components from thermal effects of heat soldering (peeling) during maintenance of electronic equipment.
Prevents discoloration (oxide scale) during brazing operations.
Prevents heat distortion during the welding of thin sheet metal.
Protects surrounding parts from high temperatures during repair welding.
Prevents heat diffusion and heat distortion during mold repair.
Prevents heat damage to the acrylic resin portion during denture repair.
Protects gemstones during the brazing of precious metals in jewelry.
Protects resin pipe sections from thermal degradation during pipe welding.
Prevents thermal deformation when fusing aluminum.



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