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Our company has been in business for more than 50 years and has developed a wide range of products from inspection equipment to bird damage prevention devices.

Launching a New Bird Damage Prevention Business as the Second Pillar (Zero Bird*)
*Zero Bird: Based on a thorough understanding of the habits of birds, we developed a device that utilizes magnetism, light, and sounds. 
We propose the best "zero" bird damage countermeasures for all kinds of damage sites (measures against crow damage, pigeon damage, and starling damage).

First Pillar: Our specialty is the Development of Automatic Inspection Equipment
Our engineers are characterized by their ability to work with both hardware and software. Thus, they can quickly respond from the beginning, i.e., from discussions on the specifications, up to the product's finish.

Although our company has been in business for more than 50 years, it has recently undergone a generational change, with engineers in their thirties taking the lead, combining today's technology with know-how accumulated over the years.

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Sales Pitch

Zero Bird: Aiming to Eliminate Damage by Birds (damage by crows, pigeons, and other birds)
Zero Falcon of the Zero Bird Bird Damage Prevention Series — a wide-range anti-bird damage device that scares birds away
[Preventing Bird Damage by Using the Shape and Sound of Birds' Natural Enemy (Falcon) to Keep Them Away]
The ZERO Falcon is a bird-deterrent device that reproduces the shape and flight of a falcon, one of the strongest among birds of prey and a natural enemy for all birds. Moreover, combined with an electronic sound device, it drives all kinds of birds away without giving them a chance to habituate and learn and prevents bird damage such as bird strikes and infection.

[Intimidating with 70 Different Alarms that Mimic Birds' Screams]
Since birds become accustomed to any particular sound, one of 70 different alarms randomly sounds seven times an hour. The volume can be set up to 125 decibels (airplane engine noise is about 120 decibels) and is effective over 2,000 to 2,500 m². You can expect it to prevent birds from flying over a wide area.

[Faithful Reproduction of a Falcon with Both Wings Spread]
The total length is 1.3 meters. The device faithfully reproduces a falcon flapping its wings with fiber-reinforced plastic, which is highly durable against wind and rain. In addition, the red LEDs embedded in both eyes light up to create a crisp visual effect that keeps alarming the birds.

[Installable Anywhere, Including Airports and Poultry Farms]
Examples of installation sites: Airports, pig farms, poultry farms, cattle farms, fish markets, fish processing plants, farmland, orchards, feed plants, food processing plants, soccer and baseball fields, playing fields, etc.

[Falcon's Shape and Flight are the Keys to the Countermeasure]
With the advent of the jet aircraft era, bird strikes, in which birds are sucked into jet aircraft engines taking off and landing at airfields causing engine trouble, have become a global problem. In 1990, as a countermeasure, U.S. airports trained falcons, the birds' natural enemy, to eliminate the problem, and they succeeded with flying colors. Japan learned from this example and tried falconry, but the falcons they managed to catch were too small to be as effective as everyone expected. Therefore, we studied the shape and flight of falcons and adopted them, and, in 2000, we succeeded in developing the ZERO Falcon, a wide-area bird-deterrent device.

[Expected to be Effective in Farms and Livestock Farms as an Anti-infection Measure (against foot-and-mouth disease, avian influenza, etc.)]
In recent years, many viral infections such as foot-and-mouth disease and swine fever (formerly known as swine cholera) have occurred on dairy farms. As a route of infection, the one that requires the most attention is the flight of crows and other wild birds. Therefore, we recommend installing ZERO Falcon and taking precautions.
ZERO Spinner of the Zero Bird Bird Damage Prevention Series
A Wind-resistant, Functional Anti-flyover Device for Preventing Bird Damage in High Places
The ZERO Spinner was developed to prevent bird damage in high altitude and windy areas. Various functions, such as reflected light and electronic sound, are available depending on the type. The round shape made of weather-resistant resin has rotating wings around it, which diffuse the effect by spinning with the force of nature.

Intense Reflective Light Prevents Birds from Flying In
R-shaped reflector type:
Birds react strongly to irregular projections of sunlight and tend to stay away from the area to avoid the object. To take advantage of this habit, the device is equipped with a crystal-shaped reflector. The reflective effect of the sunlight is utilized to prevent birds from flying in.

Preventing Birds from Flying In with Magnetic Storms and Reflected Light
I-shaped type:
I-shaped magnetic type is ideal for preventing crows from flying into high places. Permanent magnets are attached to the entire surface of the device. It creates a strong magnetic storm that birds do not like while also creating an anti-flying zone with glittering reflected light. We recommend this as a measure to prevent birds from flocking to high places such as power transmission towers, radio towers, and overhead railroad lines.

Preventing Birds from Flying Over a Wide Area with Reflected Light and Electronic Sound
SS-shaped solar type:
The solar-type prevents birds from flying over a wide area of about 1,000m² to 1,500m² by using reflected light and a special electronic sound that birds do not like. The electronic sound is triggered by a sensor in the device that detects the light, and since it is powered by a solar battery, no electrical work is required.

You can Install it in High, Windy Places.
Installation location: power transmission towers, cell phone base stations, overhead railroad lines, large facilities, etc.

Bird Damage in High Places Cannot Be Overlooked: Development Inspired by Bird Damage in the Field.
Although we had developed the ZERO Chain and ZERO Falcon devices to prevent birds from flying in and achieved the desired effect, there was no countermeasure device for high places such as power transmission towers. When looking up at the sky, there are birds perched on steel towers and power lines. In addition, feces damage is occurring in the vicinity. Since it is desirable to improve this situation somehow, we developed the ZERO Spinner. After looking at many sites, we decided that the ZERO Spinner must not collapse even at high altitudes with strong wind and must not attract birds. After much trial and error, we arrived at the current ball shape, which has various functions to prevent birds from flying in, including the reflective light effect.
ZERO Chain of the Zero Bird Bird Damage Prevention Series
Keeping the Landscape Intact: Semi-permanent Anti-bird Damage Device
Overwhelming Anti-flying Effect by Magnetic Force
The ZERO Chain uses the power of magnets to prevent birds from flying in. Having been developed based on the principles of bird ecology, we created this product to be simple in appearance but highly effective. It prevents birds from flying over semi-permanently.

Creating a Tunnel of Magnetic Field to Prevent Birds from Flying
When birds encounter strong magnetism, they tend to avoid the area instinctively. ZERO Chain uses permanent magnets to create a tunnel of magnetic field to prevent birds from flying in that area. The magnetic field effect is semi-permanent. The ZERO Chain is maintenance-free, and the running cost is very low.

Reducing Complaints from Bird Lovers as No Killing is Involved
The ZERO Chain only prevents birds from flying in but does not kill them, so there is no need to worry about complaints from bird lovers. Also, although it creates a magnetic field, it is not an electromagnetic wave, so it does not interfere with TV, radio, or other devices and is harmless to the human body. It is effective for birds with bio magnets, such as pigeons, crows, and ducks.

A Smart Design That Does Not Disrupt the Landscape
Since the device is easy to attach and detach, you can install it anywhere, including large facilities and stations. The simple and small shape also makes it possible to install the device in well-designed buildings and historical structures without causing discomfort or spoiling the scenery.

Installable in Any Place Because of Its Simple Shape
Locations: Railroad facilities, station buildings, large facilities, public facilities, shrines and temples, apartment buildings, balconies, etc.

Born from a Question About the Habits of Migratory Birds and Pigeons
Pigeons fly by sensing magnetic fields, a theory that provided a clue. It was a mystery as to how a migratory bird without a map could return to a destination hundreds of kilometers away without making a mistake, every year, to the same place. Also, pigeon races held worldwide release trained pigeons from remote areas over 1,000 kilometers away and compete for time to return to their nest boxes. How can pigeons without a map, even with training, accurately return to their nest boxes? This question was the starting point of our development, which was answered by the surprising theory that pigeons have a biological magnet (magnetite) and fly by sensing the earth's magnetic field. That is, pigeons fly by sensing magnetic fields. The world's first magnetic bird prevention device, ZERO Chain, was born from this hint.

Negotiation with a World-renowned Architect
When introducing the ZERO Chain, we have various interactions with our customers. For example, one day, we received a call from an architect who is known worldwide for his unique architectural designs. The place was a museum. The architect gave us a drawing and said, "I want you to make sure that pigeons don't fly in and that the landscape is not affected." Our pride clashed with each other over whether to prioritize flight prevention or the landscape. And, after the installation, the device seems to have prevented pigeons from flying in for more than 20 years.








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