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Latest update: 21/04/2021 11:44:50

Shimizu Washi Co., Ltd.

Many different types of Japanese paper are produced in Echizen (Imadate Goka) today, including luxurious handmade Japanese paper that is still produced using traditional techniques, and mass- and machine-produced types of Japanese paper.
In Echizen, there is a legend that describes the "god" of paper making, a story with no comparable tale anywhere else in Japan. 

Thanks to its long fibers, it has strong folding endurance and is difficult to bend. 
It has high tear resistance and is durable. 
Thanks to its low lignin content, the material suffers little yellowing even after a long time. 
Thanks to its high wet strength, it is damage-resistant even when wet. 
It is highly elastic when wet, and easy to apply. 
Furthermore, its surface does not crinkle when it is dried after being wet. 
Although it is machine-made, it can be produced in small lots, which implies that 
original products can be created with low cost. Please contact us for more details.
Highly environmentally friendly (and easy to recycle).
Highly fashionable and artistic.


Sales Pitch

[Business content/features]
Our company handles both handmade and machine-made Japanese papers from all over the country.  Although they are all referred to as “Japanese paper,” there are many different types, from luxurious ones to cheap ones, that are used in printers and OA equipment. We offer proposals for papers with characteristics that are suitable for your purposes.  We also plan/propose original Japanese paper products. 
[Overview of our main products, technologies, goods and services, and examples of their uses]
Using Japanese paper makes it possible to create a luxurious feel or a new, innovative impression. We can propose possible fields for its use, for instance as new products or as a new element in your company's PR.  (DM, company envelope, company information, and promotional materials)
 In recent years there have been an increasing number of novelty products that use Japanese paper.  We believe that there will be more and more occasions where Japanese paper will draw attention, including the Olympics and the Expo. It can improve your corporate image and contribute to alleviating environmental problems. 
[Message from the representative]
Japanese paper can be used in everyday situations, and it is a field where new products can be easily developed.  We work hard to propose new products using Japanese paper to companies that are looking for innovative and unique products.