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Latest update: 23/03/2021 17:08:07


We make use of 50 years of experience in EMS to develop equipment.

■ Development of FA equipment (inspection equipment, labor-saving equipment)
(1) We propose and implement technologies that contribute to quality stabilization and labor-saving based on the analytical capabilities we have accumulated in Monozukuri craftsmanship.
(2) We possess technologies based on the development of various kinds of inspection equipment and labor-saving equipment for building EMS lines.
(3) We are superior to other companies in the development of board performance inspection equipment.
■ Use of EMS (Are you looking for a production base?)
(1) From prototypes to mass production: We have a track record of 50 years of dealing with everything from small components to large substrates.
(2) We can handle SMT, axial, radial, and flow soldering, as well as finished assembly.
(3) Experienced workers promptly respond to customer requests.

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Inspection equipment, labor-saving equipment
FCT (function checker)
This is a real-time checker for PCBs.
We inspect whether a PCB is controlled properly.
Pin board (in-circuit tester)
We check PCBs electrically.
Labor-saving equipment
Various solvent coating machines
We uniformly and quickly apply all kinds of solvents such as desiccants for electronic boards.
We suppress variation in quality and contribute to labor-saving.
Substrate dividing machine
We eliminate concerns about splitting of the substrate.
Smoothing of split surfaces, elimination of splitting error, and so on.
Proposals for various automation lines
We analyze your problems and provide suggestions for solving them.

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