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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:37

Iwasaki Tekko Co., Ltd.

We specialize in the cutting of large, long, or heavy objects.

- Meeting clients' needs in fine detail
- The cost effectiveness and flexibility to meet close deadlines that comes from being few in number but highly skilled.

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Sales Pitch

Summary of our business, products and technologies
Business outline and merits
With our NC lathes and general-purpose lathes, we can perform cutting work on large (up to Φ950), long (up to a length of 3,000), or heavy (up to 3t) objects. Some of our employees are certified First Class Lathe Technicians or Lathe Technique Instructors. We can respond flexibly to clients' requirements in terms of precision or deadlines. 
Summary of main products and technologies
For the processing of long objects, it is important to suppress deflection and chatter marks on worked surfaces. To suppress deflection and achieve an accuracy of 3/100 or less in the entire length and areas, we ensure processing accuracy by carefully determining the lathe rotation speed, feed speed, tool shapes, and tool materials that are best suited for the object to be cut. We are highly appreciated by manufacturers for our cutting of long objects. We are also focusing on fostering successors, and we have established a corporate system that allows our customers to do business with peace of mind now and in the future.
Message from the President (initiatives for developing new distribution channels, putting J-GoodTech to use, and other information)
Since our foundation in 1977, we have been producing precision metal work products. Although we still have a lot to learn, the experience and achievements that we have build up so far have made us highly appreciated by customers nationwide. Now, in the midst of turbulent times, we are thoroughly committed to the "technology" and "quality" that form the basis of manufacturing, continuing to meet requirements from an increasingly sophisticated society. By making full use of our original networks with partner companies and subcontracting companies, and by introducing the latest devices and equipment, we have established a system for responding to various needs, ranging from high-mix low-volume production to mass-production. By cultivating skilled artisans, and by combining young employees with mature skills, we take pride in manufacturing. We believe that these attitudes will lead to the manufacture of high-quality products and open up the future of cutting-edge machining technology.  

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