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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:12

TaskForce Co., Ltd.

We provide systems that will solve the internal problems of your company.

We propose systems that can contribute to work efficiency improvement, productivity improvement, and labor reforms in response to the decreasing number of the working population.  Please feel free to make an inquiry.


Sales Pitch

Development of PWA hybrid apps
PWA conversion of existing sites
Turning existing websites into Progressive Web Apps (PWA) enables increased speeds using the cache and allows the usage of push notification functions that are similar to that of native applications, leading to an increase in access by the users. 
As hybrid applications and PWA are low cost and do not require development environment setup, they can be used by those who want to speedily and experimentally develop/operate mobile phone applications. 
Reach to mobile
PWA allows the functionality of native applications such as push notifications, camera and GPS, and you can install the application icon on the home screen of the mobile terminal without the need for store assessment. 
Moreover, UI that satisfies detailed requests can be quickly built.  It can also be used to quickly make corrections or add pages. 
iOS/Android application development
We propose hybrid applications in our iOS/Android application development.  As hybrid applications enable simultaneous development of iOS/Android applications using common code 
(with no need to develop iOS/Android applications separately), it enables cost reductions in development. 




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