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Latest update: 29/06/2020 15:21:28

Seidensha Co., Ltd.

We can design and produce control panels (for hardware and software), power boards, power panels, etc. We can produce overseas models and products that meet various standards.

We can design various sequence controls and touch panels. We can build inverter control systems, servo control systems, and various monitoring systems. 
We can produce control pan;els for various plant equipment, industrial machines, production equipment, traffic systems, as well as ships, and UL-compatible panels as well as high-voltage boards.  

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Sales Pitch

Electric design and control panels
Controlling various industrial machines
1. Manufacturers that can design sequencers, touch panels, or software
1) Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
2) OMRON Corporation
3) Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
5) Siemens AG
2. Available control
1) Inverter control (vector control and VVVC control)
2) Robot arm control
3) PID control
4) Various line control
5) Fluid control
6) Development of website-related software
7) Various SCADA software
3. Fields to which our products can be applied
1) Steel equipment 
2) Vehicle equipment
3) Fluid equipment
4) Coating systems
5) Traffic systems
6) Production equipment in plants 
7) Various printing apparatus
4. Introducing automatic wire processors
The processors allow us to mass-produce panels. We can meet your requests by linking an electric CAD to processors. 
Remote monitoring systems
1. Proposing preventive maintenance systems
2. Proposing equipment monitoring systems in and outside Japan (that use the Internet, etc.)
3. Building various networks and servers
4. Developing computer programming
Various power boards, distribution boards, and control panels
1. We can design and produce various boards and panels such as low-voltage boards, starter panels, pump boards, power panels, and distribution boards.
2. We can produce high-voltage boards that can endure up to 6.6KV. 
3. We can produce custom-made products such as large-sized connecting disks and small-sized wall hanging panels.