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Latest update: 09/03/2020 11:59:24

MIZUNO Technical Institute

We contribute to society through mechatronics technology!

This year, we are celebrating our 20th year in business, thanks to the support of our clients. Our sales activities thus far have been limited to word-of-mouth communication and through introductions from our clients and parts manufacturers. However, from hereon, we plan to send out information all over the world through our website so that we can expand our business scale! Please visit our website time to time.

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Introduction to our business lineup, product as well as technology summaries, and other information
Business lineup and features
Since the foundation of Mizuno Technical Institute, we have been providing mechatronics technology to a variety of industrial fields. We are a one-stop company with detailed knowledge regarding all technological fields including machines, electrical as well as electronics, software, machine processing, and assembly adjustment. We are appreciated by our clients. If you have any concern about a matter related to our existing business fields or general research, development, or manufacturing field, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to the progress of the internet environment in recent years, remote development environments including video conferences and PC screen sharing are now available. As such, we hope to hear from customers from remote locations as well!   
Summaries of main products, technologies, and equipment
As for the design and production of robots, machinery, and equipment, we develop customized robots for study as well as tests and design, in addition to producing special equipment, machinery, and inspection devices. For the design and production of control panels and control equipment, we develop ultra light-weight equipment made of aluminum, honeycomb, or plastic material (acrylic) with a 3D printer. For software development, we develop various software programs for PLC control of production machinery, for decentralized control achieved by CAN of robots, for communication control with Zigbee, and for other purposes. We also repair, modify, and update existing equipment. 
For matching
I worked for a manufacturer and later established Mizuno Technical Institute. Since then, our company has developed, designed, and produced robots and automatic machines, and accumulated various knowledge and experience in areas such as mechatronics technology, parts processing technology, and safety design in the FA field. In addition, we are actively committed to current cutting-edge technology such as AI and IoT. We will continue making further efforts to serve our clients. If you have any concerns about manufacturing, please feel free to contact us.   

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