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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:57

MSK Co.,Ltd.

Design and Construction of Plant, Building, and Electrical Equipment

Our company is an engineering company for facilities, and we design and construct plants, building facilities, and electrical facilities. Among them, our main business is freezing and refrigerating equipment for plants that manufacture frozen and refrigerated foods. In addition, we provide a wide range of services, including air conditioning, water supply and drainage systems, and electrical systems for buildings such as commercial facilities, medical and nursing care facilities, and public facilities.

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Our Business
Plants (freezing, refrigerating, and food plants)
Our company installs temperature control in facilities and warehouses and equipment for production and processing, mainly in plants that manufacture food, beverages, and dairy products. We discuss with our clients in detail from the planning stage. After reflecting feedback to the maximum extent possible, we propose, design, and construct hygienic, safe, and rational facilities that meet customer needs. We protect the trust and safety of food and realize plants that produce tastier products.
Building Facilities (air conditioning, sanitation, fire extinguishing systems)
From large-scale commercial facilities such as shopping malls to small-scale medical and nursing care facilities such as group homes, we offer creative proposals, design, and construction to meet the needs of our customers. We can also flexibly respond to requests for improved usability, power conservation, and the introduction of advanced technologies. We will create functional and comfortable spaces with excellent livability, clean and sanitary conditions with consideration for health, and a safe environment even in a disaster.
Electrical Facilities (general electrical equipment, automatic control, instrumentation)
We design and install energy-saving and energy-creating equipment such as those for all-electrification and solar power generation, as well as automatic control and instrumentation wiring for plants and large facilities, according to the detailed requirements of each customer. We also take productivity and post-operation maintenance into consideration.
Our Products
Flanging Method
Unit processing pipes help improve work efficiency at the construction site and shorten the construction period. Our company can perform flanging in millimeter increments, and we manufacture and sell products with specifications tailored to your needs.

At the construction site, it allows for non-welding work and reduces the risk of sparks on the floor or other surfaces that have been treated with water discharge. In addition to joining with joint pipes, it can be freely combined with measuring instruments such as pressure gauges and valves. The introduction of the product to the construction site eliminates the use of conventional ready-made products such as lap joints.

A patent application for the flanging method was filed in January 2016 (Patent Application 2016-006909). In September of the same year, the invention was registered (Patent No. 6204512) with the title of "Cold Flare Forming Device for Steel Pipe and Cold Flare Forming Method for Steel Pipe Using the Same Device".

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