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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:13


We support PDCA in advertising.

We thoroughly work on <[P] = Planning and media selection that meets budget requirements, [D] = Doing creative work and creating advertisements, [C] = Checking and measuring responses after the implementation of an advertising campaign, and [A] = Analyzing the results of the advertising and presenting next steps.>

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Sales Pitch

Advertising operation support based on ISO9001
Do not waste your advertising costs. We support advertising operations that commit to results.
[We are a comprehensive advertising agency that singlehandedly undertakes everything from creatives to operation using methods such as online advertising, flyer inserts, and pamphlets, and we offer solid results (added value): [Objective = Client requirements (boost profits, attract customers, and capture inquiries)]. In addition, we use our consultations with the client to constantly modify our approach, by taking measures such as revising and improving the existing sales tools that we use. Acting without verifying the results, with a mentality that says things such as “we are planning to produce the same product again this year because we make it every year” or “we haven’t properly asked our users how easy it is to use, but it should be fine because they haven’t said anything,” means that we probably cannot expect a good return on the cost of production. We support our customers through advertising to reduce waste and achieve the results that they desire.
When you think “I wish there was such a tool,” we will transform your ideas into reality.
The advertising and sales tools that we offer are all fully made-to-order. Therefore, we can create tools (digital or analog) that maximize the impact of PR for various products and services, without adhering to fixed concepts. We seek to understand our products and services from scratch, which takes time and effort; however, that time and effort brings exceptional benefits in practice. As it is difficult to create tools for each individual product, aren’t sales representatives essentially creating their own materials? By standardizing such things, you can expect even greater profits.
We handle a wide variety of products. Please feel free to contact us.
Creative (digital)
DTP: Planning, design, illustrations, and writing
Websites, LP, shooting, photos, videos, and retouching

Management agency
Advertising PDCA and consulting
Website maintenance, analysis, and improvement proposals

Online advertising
Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, other social media

Analog media advertising
Newspaper insert advertisements, mail advertisements, traffic advertisements/signs, signboards, regional information magazines, and store and sales SP goods

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