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You can trust Sohwa Industry for resin processing (precision micromachining and processing of large objects) and the design and manufacture of test equipment

We have put our efforts to date into becoming a proposal-based company that gives proper consideration to our customers’ opinion to provide them peace of mind and satisfaction. Our main business is the contracted development of single items and small lots of resin processed goods and test equipment and the design and manufacture of physicochemical equipment. We have gained the support of our customers through our specialized research and development in fields such as semiconductors, energy, biotechnology, construction-related, and medical care and by refining our technology to improve reliability.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology outline
Business content/features
Our company has two main businesses: resin cutting and contracted development. Our resin cutting business is subdivided into (1) precision micromachining of items such as semiconductors, medical equipment and general machinery parts, and (2) processing of large objects, such as physicochemical equipment, visualization containers and pressure-resistant water tanks. In our contracted development business, we are particularly skilled at the design and manufacture of test equipment, and we specialize in and refine technology for research and development in energy, construction, and biotechnology. The facilities we have include CAD/CAM, machining, NC lathes, plastic polishers, general-purpose lathes and engraving machines.
Overview of main products and technologies
When we receive contracted development projects, we are careful to offer integrated processes so that we can reduce the burden on our customers. The consistent order we aim to achieve is intended to create an environment in which customers can concentrate on their core business. Professionals can rely on us for meetings with contractors who are not a part of their core business, progress management, and managing budgets. In addition, we use the capabilities of 135 trusted cooperating factories to handle the technologies (metal precision machining, can manufacturing, and electrical control) that we cannot provide independently. The knowledge and experience of our cooperating factories provides the ability to respond, forming the backbone supporting our one-stop solutions.
Message from the representative (Efforts to develop future sales channels, intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
Sohwa Industry Co., Ltd. has specialized in resin processing business for around 50 years since its founding. We handle resins for all types of materials and manufacture products in various sizes from small to large, from extremely small lots to one-off large structures exceeding 3 m. In addition, our design business, which was launched about 30 years ago, started off by submitting handwritten proposal drawings for customers’ concerns related to resin processing. When we look back on the history of our company, we have worked hard to attain the quality and performance that is required by our customers and have grown into a trusted company by achieving our goals. Sohwa Industry Co., Ltd. will continue to aim to be a company that customers trust by continuing to listen to our customers and improving our organization, technology, quality assurance, and environmental measures so that we can satisfy the various requirements of our customers.

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