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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:07

Kurun Co.,Ltd.

Remove plaque with ease using a toothbrush that resembles a roller cleaner

We develop, manufacture, and sell periodontal care roll brushes that can easily remove plaque from areas that tend to remain unbrushed with a focus on the boundary between the teeth and gums, which is a major cause of periodontal disease.
We have undergone widespread expansion inside Japan from TV shopping to department stores. We have gained an excellent reputation domestically and overseas, and we will continue to expand sales of our roll brushes and further develop our business in the future.

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Sales Pitch

Periodontal care roll care brush
The Kurun gum care roll brush is a long seller that we have been selling for more than 10 years.
The Kurun series, which is widely popular, is a gum care roll brush made with a focus on portability that can be used with ease.
It is foldable, which makes it convenient to carry around to places such as your workplace, school, or to use while travelling. A compact and high performance tooth brush that is essential for oral cavity care.
Kurun-Sonic Co., Ltd.
The “Kurun-Sonic” sonic vibration-type gum-care roll brush is an electric toothbrush that massages the gums.
We have created a new type of gum-care roll brush for the gums by adding sonic vibration to our existing gum care roll brush.
RUNDA Co., Ltd.
The RUNDA gum care roll brush is a care roll brush brand for household use.
“RUNDA” is a Swedish word meaning “round,” and the product was designed by a Swedish designer.
The transparent body goes well with the basin and it is designed to make brushing easy; therefore, it is suitable even for customers who have never used a roll brush before. The head has approximately 20 times the number of bristles as a conventional brush using ultrafine bristles for removing plaque.

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