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A group of technology experts supporting factories

*1) Our company provides a wide range of technologies specializing in supporting factories. We help factories’ IoT use seamlessly from software to hardware, including design and development of production equipment, construction of production lines, design and development of software to improve operational efficiency, and *2)"Power-Andon" equipment operation monitoring and others.

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Power-Andon Equipment Operation Monitoring
Power-Andon is a tablet that monitors the operating status of production facilities in a factory. It can be installed on any equipment no matter how old, and is customized to suit any circumstances in your factory.

Customization includes display items, design, aggregation system’s aggregation method, and panel display design, as well as linkage with the existing business systems, analog signals’ input mode from equipment (e.g., temperature, vibration), and signal acquisition from facility alarm indicators. The customization ensures the system is fit for your business.
Factory IoT
We are a technology group that has an auto parts plant as its parent company. Our company supports factories by designing and developing original production facilities and systems. We have been promoting factory reforms based on IoT-like ideas long before the term "IoT" was coined. We will continue to promote the development of IoT products with an eye on 5G, AI, and other upcoming technologies.
Automation and Robotization of Production Facilities
Our company has developed numerous production facilities, primarily for auto parts production lines. The total development so far numbers several hundred. 

Based on the philosophy of designing as simply as possible, our equipment design department designs and develops consistently, without deviating from the principle. Complex designs often result in more parts, more adjustments, and more component failures, causing a significant burden of equipment depreciation. It also has many disadvantages for the factory, such as the need for skilled workers.

We categorize line automation and robotization into three patterns.
・Automation of manual processing
・Automation to consolidate multiple processes into a single facility
・Robotization that uses existing facilities and mediates between them

It may not be easy to decide which pattern to use for the design in many cases, but we can propose a solution based on a simple concept. This is our advantage because we always look at the various problems that factories face from the same perspective as you, feeling out and working on improvements.

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