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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:07

Protect Co.,Ltd.

Prevents bird damage

Our repellants are manufactured with a particular focus on being “people- and animal-friendly,” and are made from vegetable oil (food additive), moisturizer (medicine additive), and oil. Our products are safe and secure.
This repellant cuts off the homing instinct of birds and wildlife, which makes it possible to cover a large area without the requirement for large-scale construction. We can currently support Japan (nationwide), Thailand, and Hawaii.

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Sales Pitch

A repellent that is human and animal firendly
Manufacture and construction of repellents for bird and the Protect PT animal protection series
Protect products do not harm or kill animals.
A repellant that is kind to birds.
(Our company does not handle any “exterminator” products that kill animals)
Our products are “human- and animal-friendly repellants” formulated mainly from foodstuffs and pharmaceutical additives.
Delivery record
We have delivered repeat orders for private enterprises (manufacturing, railway, logistics, warehouse, electric power, agricultural cooperative, and commercial institutions) and government and public agencies (markets, schools, and government offices) for more than 15 years.
Product introduction
Hato Nigeru
For indoor/outdoor use (A deterrent for pigeons. Simply place the product where needed to deter pigeons.)
Covers approximately 2 m of veranda railings and one outdoor unit for air conditioners.

Pigeon repellent PT-1
For indoor/outdoor use (verandas, rooftops, plant, and warehouse beams)
Coating paste; covers approximately 5–10 m.

Wild bird repellent PT-2
For indoor/outdoor use (a deterrent for small wild birds, such as starlings, sparrows, and swallows)
Coating paste; covers approximately 5–10 m.

Crow repellent PT-3
For indoor/outdoor use (deters crows from rooftops, antennas, electric cables, and fences)
Coating paste; covers approximately 5–10 m.

Bat repellent PT-4
For indoor/outdoor use (deters bats from nesting under eaves, shutter boxes, and entrances)
Coating paste; covers approximately 10 m of gaps in outer walls.

Hato Odoroku: pigeon deterrent tape [Utility model status acquired]

Boar powder (Patent pending)
A world-first boar repellent powder is used as a double measure before harvest

Sarusaru (Patent pending)
A world-first monkey repellent gel

Karasu-gumi (Patent pending)
A world-first seal protectant for the prevention of pecking

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