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Latest update: 07/07/2023 16:18:13

Tajima Co., Ltd.

From Kanazawa to the world, we are committed to high quality manufacturing

Since our founding, we have manufactured and sold metallic foils such as gold, silver, and platinum. As a business that continues to take on the challenge of special printing, we offer proposals for plastic nameplates, labels, and promotional stickers for home electronics appliances, automobiles, machinery, and other products. We also handle printing materials such as chemical films, boards, and tack paper, as well as secondary materials such as double-sided adhesive tape.

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Product overview
Printing Material
Our office continues to take on the challenge of special printing. We have a proven track record in various fields such as home electronics appliances, automobiles, and industrial machinery operation inscriptions and labels. We also have a track record in decorative products including auxiliary materials such as double-sided tapes, as well as transfer films and special films. In order to respond to the various needs of our customers, we will use the technology, knowledge, and experience we have cultivated to help with high-quality manufacturing.
Foil Materials
Tajima has had a foil materials business division since the founding of the company. We manufacture and sell metal foils such as gold, silver, and platinum. Metal foil is used as a decorative material to express splendor in traditional craft industries, such as Buddhist altars and fittings, gold thread and silver thread for kimonos and obi (traditional Japanese garb), Wajima-nuri and Yamanaka-nuri chinkin maki-e (scrolls made by sprinkling gold powder on pictures painted with lacquer), Kutani ware porcelain, mizuhiki saiku (string crafts), and gold-leafed folding screens. Gold leaf is one of the few traditional craft materials designated by the government.
Gold leaf decoration
Edible gold leaf
Gold esthe packs
Arts and crafts
In the crafts business, we manufacture and sell arts and crafts that combine gold leaf, silver leaf, and lacquerware. We also plan, manufacture, and sell original products such as gold leaf calendar cards and gold leaf green tea, souvenirs, and promotional items. Supported by the trust that we have cultivated over many years, our products are made in close cooperation with first-rate production workshops. Many of our products are created by famous local artists and veteran craftsmen, and we also use up-and-coming designers to develop various designs so we can develop innovative products.
Skincare gifts
Material foil series
Chokuhai and guinomi (cups for toasting)
Golden rock glass
Shifuku-no-Banshakuzen Set (Blissful Dinner Set)
Gold Skin Care

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