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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:48

Core Machinery, Inc.

By performing high-precision machining and utilizing alumite treatment equipment, we are able to meet requirements for short delivery periods and high quality.

Our core business is to manufacture aluminum parts for the manufacturers of cutting-edge machinery, such as semiconductor-related equipment. We carry out processes ranging from order acceptance to completion in an integrated fashion. Since we perform both cutting machining and surface treatment in our factory, costs and delivery periods are reduced. By utilizing the technology and know-how nurtured for 40 years since our foundation and the ideas of our young employees whose average age is 34 years old, we propose and provide new value to clients.  

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Machine processing
Our high-mix low-volume production system, the core of which is vertical machining centers, enables us to cut and machine materials to produce small to large products with various shapes. 
In coorperation with partner companies, we are able to meet a variety of needs including the cutting machining, sheet-metal processing, and welding of steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper, and resin.
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts 
Semiconductor cleaning equipment parts 
Optical parts of laser micromachines
Other industrial machines
Various sensor parts   
Alumite processing
Alumite is a processing method in which an oxide layer is formed on the surface of aluminum to improve its corrosion and abrasion resistance. 
We propose various alumite processing methods suitable for applications or customers' requirements

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