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Latest update: 22/08/2022 13:17:28

Intelligenceworks Inc.

【IT by DIY & DIC】 Developed a platform where anyone can easily program

Easy access to programming for everyone in a variety of business settings. Our product is suitable for productivity improvement, cost reduction environments, employee skill improvement, and algorithm education for students and adults. This is called the Denno-Jizo Platform (Cyber-Jizo Platform).

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Sales Pitch

Denno-Jizo (Cyber-Jizo) Platform
Used for work efficiency improvement and automation (RPA) (copy & paste, bug countermeasures, etc.)
The "Platform Dennou-Jizo" is 
◆To reduce mistakes as much as possible → Reduce the number of hands
The majority of work in an office is probably done around computers and mistakes happen there. Starting from typing to misunderstandings and forgetfulness, there are many mistakes in daily work. The first step in improving efficiency is to reduce these "mistakes" as much as possible.
There are so many things that can go wrong in daily work. In the end, work is nothing more than following a procedure to perform a task and completing it as concisely as possible. Within these procedures, there are things that can be done mechanically and things that cannot be done mechanically. Dennou-Jizo is designed to reduce errors and increase productivity by replacing these mechanically doable items with programs.
Bugs, especially in programming, are usually caused by simple typing errors ([:][;][']["], etc.) or minor misunderstandings. Furthermore, a bug or failure is found later, when it is already impossible to tell where it occurred. This is also caused by a bug.
So, using the information component SEED (programming as a component) is an easy solution.
It is only 3 lines of code, and the order is no code, just select the Japanese order.(it can be any language, but need to be translated)
The "value" is free.
The information component SEED is
(1) Can be copied and reused.
(2) All members can share the scripts that are easy to make mistakes.
(3) Work will certainly become more efficient because there is no need to spend extra effort and time typing routine programming or sentences each time, or looking for mistakes later.
These are just a few of the features of SEED.

Sharing the SEED information component within the same department or project team eliminates rudimentary mistakes and wasted time.
It can also be used between headquarters and branch offices.
【Dennou-Door】(patented) a IoT door system for watching over and looking after old people or patient
【Dennou-Door that Gently Leaning and Gently Watching Over You】 For Nursing Homes and Nursing and Medical Care Facilities

This system can be used in various facilities including nursing homes and long-term care medical facilities. This is an edited version of a video taken at the Tokyo Care Week exhibition. The display door in the video is a prototype and made smaller than actual size. We provide the system and assembly. This electronic door is completed in cooperation with a door manufacturer or an implementation company.
Safety and Security
Watching over you
Family security
Reduction of staff workload
Comfortable living

System assembly supply and customization are available.
The platform Dennou-Jizo is equipped with a DIY programming system, so you don't need to be an expert to program the system.

Minimum requirements (other than door production)
One license is required for each Platform Dennou-Jizo door.
PC with Windows OS
Glass that goes from transparent to opaque
IW relay device
IW plug

Unlimited number of devices can be controlled in conjunction with various other application software as well as devices. It is very scalable.
Can be freely configured according to the environment.
A transparent opaque ON/OFF window is built into the door so that staff can check the room without waking the person in the room. A tablet also built into the door displays the temperature and humidity of the room and automatically activates the fan and other devices.
All of this can be done automatically, including notifications to the staff room.
This system is also useful for reducing the workload of the staff.

*This Dennou-Door does not necessarily have to be in the form of a door, but can be fully used as an automated system for monitoring.
*We hope to collaborate with companies related to facilities.
DIY & Intelligent "Water Manipulation" Watering Irrigation Automation
Ideal for small farms, greenhouses, horticulture, watering, misting, extreme heat, hydroponics, etc.
Not only watering timing, but also security monitoring measures can be taken at the same time.
You can connect as many as you like and activate them at any time you like.
You don't need to be an expert to do DIY programming.
Using the nervous system algorithm, in addition to watering, necessary devices (LED lights, padlamps, webcams, fans, mist, etc.) can be activated at the right time. Neural algorithms can be used to activate necessary devices (LED lights, padlamps, webcams, fans, mist, etc.) at the right time in addition to watering.
Possible to connect with machines necessary for agriculture and horticulture.
We can create the interface to connect to the various devices and applications.

Required equipment
・Platform Dennou-Jizo (mounted on a Windows OS PC)
・IW relay device
・IW plug
・IW solenoid valve



Other presentation

Platform Dennou-Jizo was developed with the goal of allowing you to use IT freely without being an expert.
When you hear the word "programming",【difficult】probably comes first. It is true that programming from scratch does not happen overnight.

However, Dennou-Jizo solved this problem by "making the difficult parts into parts.

For example, when you want to make in-house DX, use RPA, make operations and facilities more efficient, or enhance security, you used to have to either find a dedicated application or outsource it, but with Dennou-Jizo, you now have the option of making it yourself.

We have recently obtained a patent and are aiming for the new market "DIY IT" & "DIC IT".
We have a lineup of various products that operate on the platform Dennou-Jizo as Information ComponentsⓇ.

From software to hardware, from wiring materials, from illustrations to voice music, and more, these products have been commercialized with a unified interface. (free for retrofitting as well)

In addition, by incorporating our original "neural system algorithm" (patented), we have made possible an infinite number of operations including software, hardware, contents, and everything else.

By making software into components, programming, which is often thought to be difficult, is made easy for anyone to do, even if they are not an expert.
We hope you will take advantage of the flexible and expandable platform Dennou-Jizo and its information components.

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