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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:50

any system Co.,Ltd.

We provide ICT solutions with a focus on software development.

Using our patented information provision technology, our company delivers various content, including information and interactive content. We also accept contract development of web applications.

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Business Description, Main Products, Representative's Message, and Patents
Business Description
Our ICT solutions include: 
1) provision of our brand products, 
2) licensing and patent supply business for patented information provision technologies, 
3) contract development of web applications and software, 
4) system planning and development, 
5) operation manuals to maintenance services, and 
6) contact centers.
Main Products
There are four products under our brand: 
1) an integrated nursing care support system for nursing homes (b-nass),
2) a content distribution management application for digital signage (MultiKIS) that uses our patented information provision technology, 
3) content distribution to smartphones (smartphone de signage), and 
4) an IoT product (Pulseheart) that performs stress checks and vascular age measurements and simultaneously delivers information and content.
We also accept contract software development using our patented information provision technology and provide a wide range of ICT solutions, such as on-demand video distribution, multilingual exhibition information, and applications that link systems and smartphones for museum exhibits.
Representative's Message
Please feel free to inquire about our integrated care support system, work management system, and smartphone care support system.

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