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Latest update: 10/11/2020 11:38:40

A-Sum Technology Corp.

We provide IoT solutions with our A-grade technology and members.

Founded in 2016. We work on the wireless lightning system of the 920MHz band for offices, have transactions with giant facility companies across the country, and have had our service adopted for large-scale buildings. In cooperation with the partner companies in and outside the country, we provide AI, wireless lighting control, and IoT solutions.

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IoT wireless communication system
920MHz wireless lighting control system for offices
920MHz wireless technology makes possible controlling the lighting facility such as offices, large-scale commercial facilities, etc., which have several thousands of light equipment at the maximum. 
The wireless modules and gateway products to be installed lighting equipment are available. The wireless modules support the hopping function; so, securing communication area is easy. Our company can check the communication status on the installation site of the lighting equipment equipped with the wireless function and, thus, can make proposals for settings that are suitable for radio wave environments.
ASBT-KT100, the sensor kit that supports Bluetooth 5
We sell ASBT-KT100, the sensor kit you can use for the IoT systems with Bluetooth5 wireless modules that are compatible with mesh networks. The sensor kits are equipped with light sensors and temperature and humidity sensors; the I2C interface enables the connection with additional sensor modules by using the I2C interface. The size is as small as 45x33x8mm. We purchase Bluetooth5 wireless modules directly from our partner suppliers overseas; our company develops firmware on its own.
Super-small touch-less gesture sensor, GS series
Our super-small gesture sensors are less expensive and makes a judgment based on seven aspects, up and down, left and right, right or left rotation, and proximity, by using infrared sensors without using camera images based on the joint development with Duse Technologies Co.,Ltd. 
The size of the standalone gesture sensor, GS205, which uses an serial interface to output judgment commands, is 12.5x16mm. GS204 has a gesture sensor and a Bluetooth5 wireless communication function on its case, which can send judgment commands over wireless communication.



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