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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:50

monotone technology Co.,Ltd.

We make advanced technology accessible, in a simple and user-friendly way

We develop software with an easy-to-use UI (user interface) and hardware. We are focusing on the integration of sensing technology with AI (artificial intelligence) to develop measuring instruments, which is our theme. We have 30 years of experience as a manufacturer and developer of measuring instruments, and we particularly excel at developing novel measuring instruments that combine electrochemical sensors with wireless technology and data analysis technology.

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Sales Pitch

pHAI high-performance wireless pH measuring instruments
"Our current pH measuring instrument responds too slowly when measuring the pH of dilute solutions with tap water and the like."
"High-precision measuring instruments have cumbersome cords and they are difficult to carry around."
If you have problems like these, try our pHAI pH meter, which has an amazing response speed of five seconds.
Feature 1: Achieves cordless operation through wireless technology
pHAI uses none of the cords that have been getting in your way. It's great for saving space and preventing accidents!
pHAI is also suitable for performing measurements inside a sealed space like a clean bench, drafter, or desiccator.
Feature 2: You can measure pH in about five seconds!
Measurement of samples like low-conductivity water, water-alcohol mixtures, and environmental water that used to take a long time for stable readings can be done in about five seconds! This can greatly improve work efficiency. For a high-speed response, the measurement sampling cycle is one second.
Feature 3: Stable measurement accuracy even after repeated use
pHAI-Ent employs a reference electrode with a unique structure featuring pressure compensation. This helps reduce the amount of internal fluid leaking from the reference electrode, so stable measurement accuracy is maintained even after continuous use in measurement for a period as long as one year.
The internal liquid can also be replenished, which enables repeated use for an even longer period of time.
Feature 4: Easy management of measurement data with smartphones and tablets
Easy operation on a tablet using a sophisticated application with excellent visibility!
Until now you had to use paper to record measured data, but pHAI automatically records measurement data using a dedicated application.
It can also be easily operated from your own smartphone.

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“MONODZUKURI” New Selection in KANSAI 2021:Wireless Chemical Sensor System pHAI
Marketing Support Department, SMRJ

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