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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:34:02

Eltechno Co.,Ltd.

We support leading and medium-sized companies in their development, design, trial production, etc. and have established development and production systems that focus on high-mix low-volume production. Before HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), the international food sanitation standard, was made mandatory for all food processors in June 2021, we developed a metal detecting device that detects metal contained in food which is one of the HACCP inspection criteria.   


Sales Pitch

We provide a wide range of services including the trial production of a substrate, the mass-production of commercial substrates, the production of a single harness, and the assembly of a chassis. We transform a possibility into a product and totally support manufacturing! ELTECHNO Co., Ltd. assists client companies in solving their issues and provides "very helpful support".
Substrate packaging
Manual mounting of chip parts/mounting of dip parts/mounting or wiring on universal substrates/chip mounting devices for mass-production
We perform lead-free soldering and leaded soldering. Our substrate packaging technologies achieved by skillful craftsmen enable mounting methods such as urgent mounting, prototype substrates, double-sided boards, composite substrates, post-fitting parts, jumper wiring, part replacement, mounting on universal substrates, and mounting of parts that cannot be mounted by reflow mounting. The substrate packaging technologies result in high quality finishing. 
Substrate remodeling
Pattern cutting/wiring of jumper wires/part replacement, etc.
We are good at special substrate packaging, related to a specification change or the like, such as electronic part replacement, pattern cutting, and pattern change due to wiring changes of jumper wires. 
We have obtained trust from a lot of clients by providing our services to them.   

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