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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:33

TAIHO Industrial Corporation.

As long as there are people and cities

The 21st century is said to be the century of the environment. We will continue to ask ourselves what the next generation’s added value will be from the customers’ perspective and make comprehensive proposals in a wide range of fields.

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Sales Pitch

Providing Total Solutions from Sales to Design, Construction, and Maintenance
[Business Description and Features]
・Sales and maintenance of control equipment, industrial measurement, and instrumentation equipment
・Sales and maintenance of electrical and electronic measuring instruments, and communication measuring instruments
・Sales and maintenance of analytical devices and physical and chemical appliances
・Sales of optical and laser equipment, and biotechnology and life science equipment
・Sales, design, construction, and maintenance of electrical equipment and materials
・Sales, design, installation, and maintenance of civil engineering equipment and materials
・Design, installation, and maintenance of PA and FA systems
・Sales, design, installation, and maintenance of new energy-related equipment
・Sales, design, installation, and maintenance of robot systems
・Sales, design, installation, and maintenance of network cameras
[Outline of Main products, Technologies, Products and Services, and Their Use Cases]
Our company stably supplies equipment to the Shikoku Electric Power Group, which is our primary customer. We also have a sales network of 10 bases in Shikoku and other areas as a sales and service agent for Yokogawa Electric Corporation and some measurement, control, and analysis equipment manufacturers. Those bases deal with major chemical plants, oil refineries, nuclear power plants, and paper mills. Our business is expanding in energy, AI, robotics, and other rapidly growing markets as well.

We are expanding our activities not only in Shikoku but also throughout Japan and the world with our technological capabilities and ability to make comprehensive proposals for products related to “infrastructure development,” “labor conservation,” “new energy,” and “IoT.”
[Representative’s Message (efforts to develop future sales channels, intention to utilize J-GoodTech, etc.)]
Our strength is the group of people with first-rate “human,” “sales,” and “technical” skills. There will come an era of an aging society with fewer children, the wave of labor conservation, and IoT. While responding quickly to the changes of the times, we will grasp the needs ahead of those changes and collaborate with major manufacturers to provide optimal solutions to our customers and expand our business into new fields with unique functions that have a new value.

In the future, we hope to foray into the agricultural and livestock fields nationwide, focusing not only on conventional control, telecommunications, and civil engineering but also on IoT, robotics, and new energy, and contribute in particular to the revitalization of Shikoku region that has nurtured us for 70 years. Also, we want to expand the entire group’s business area from the current mid-Shikoku and western Japan region to include Tokyo and the rest of Japan, eyeing overseas expansion soon.

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