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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:19

Neo - Crest Co., Ltd.

Neo Crest always challenges for new things. Freeing ourselves from the normal way of thinking in the industry, we always pursue customer satisfaction and grow continuously with our ideas and excellent team work, which is our best weapon.

The water-jet construction method is the technology to scrape off deteriorated concrete by using super high pressure water. This leaves intact concrete, removes only deteriorated part, and is able to remove concrete only without damaging the reinforcing iron inside. No restriction from the weather, no vibration, no dust, low noise emission, and environmentally friendly; it is possible to enhance the sticking force of new and old concrete. We handle not only scraping concrete but also peeling coating, washing boat bodies, processing primary surfaces, removing foreign substance, etc.

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Sales Pitch

Introducing the business and an overview etc. of products and technology
Description and features of business
We can provide iron reinforcing rod processing, reinforcement arrangements, assembly, and connection inspection from the beginning to the end. 
On the other hand, no company other than Neo Crest, which has the know-how on iron reinforcing rods, can advance construction with such minimum scraping and specification of optimum scraping locations and without damaging iron reinforcing rods from the long experiences with the know-how in "iron reinforcing rods, reinforcement arrangement, and assembly" by performing the method that uses water jets for the modification, alteration, or formation of a concrete structure. The water jet method can be applied to the surface processing of concrete, removing coating films, cleaning external walls of buildings, boats, removing foreign objects. For scraping work over a large scale, we use tools on the floor walls, and ceiling and uses robots for efficient work.
An overview of the major products and technology
1. Reinforcing iron constructions 
  Preparing the drawing of reinforcing iron - reinforcing iron processing - bar arrangement, assembly, tying - inspection 
2. Water-jet construction 
  1) Scraping concrete structures, forming, drilling, boxing out/holing, repairing salt damage, repairing carbonation, repairing corrosion, other removal of concrete 
    -Making use of the know-how on reinforcing iron construction, we remove and break pinpoint concrete without damaging reinforcing iron at a minimum scraping amount and with an optimum scraping position. - 
  2) Surface treatment for securing adhering performance, aseismic reinforcement 
  3) Peeling the coating from, washing, and removing foreign substance from steel structures and concrete structures 
  4) Removing rust from external boards of boats, removing shells 
  5) Removing road marks and lines
Messages from the representative (endeavors for finding new future markets, the intention of using J-GoodTech, etc.)
Polishing up our technology in reinforcing iron construction to an even greater extent, we want to advance new customer relations and local relations Moreover, our experience and know-how in the technology of reinforce iron construction are not only "break or scrape" concrete for modification or alteration of concrete structures but also include the water jet method to select the optimum scraping positions and to minimize the damage (micro crack)  in the vicinity of construction areas; we think only Neo Crest, which "knows reinforcing iron" are able to achieve this.
Trust Neo Crest, which handles scraping coating, removing foreign objects from structures, etc. in a way caring "safety" and "environment.