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Latest update: 02/10/2020 16:04:08


We can perform the integrated production of weft-knitted products domestically (in Hokuriku, Toyama Prefecture)

With more than 40 years of reliability and performance behind us, we offer integrated production of weft-knitted products at our own factory in Japan from planning and material selection to the packaging.

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We handle everything (in contracted manufacturing/OEM), from our knit product planning to product manufacturing/packaging, at our own factory (in Japan).
Features of Reclea
Kind even to sensitive skin, giving you peace of mind 
For people with sensitive skin, including those with atopic dermatitis or allergies 
You can feel the smoothness of skin with low irritation 
Promotes hygiene by being antibacterial, odor-resistant and washable 
The material “gravion pizzica”, which has an antibacterial effect, prevents the growth of bacteria 
It does not lose its shape or shrink even when washed in a washing machine (using a net) 
Seamless for comfortable wear 
It is gentle and properly protects the scalp and hair, which is susceptible to coming out as a side effect of anti-cancer drug treatment and medication 
Employing a seamless knitting method (Wholegarment) reduces the skin irritation and discomfort that is caused by seams 
Reclea is a product made in Japan using integrated production at our factory
Introducing Shochanbo knit products 
To begin with, “shochanbo” refers to 
 A knitted hat with a pom pom attached to the top.