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Latest update: 24/04/2020 16:25:20

Japan System Planning Co., Ltd.

Thirty one years on from our foundation, we are providing products useful for the environment and health 
Selling and producing our company's major product, "NMR Pipetechtor (R)," the device to prevent red rust/component device etc.

The accumulated total of the installed devices exceeded 4.1 thousand units; our customers are selecting them because of the outstanding number of past achievements and the verified trustworthy effects. 
Our products have been installed also for famous buildings in and outside the country such as the Buckingham Palace, UK..

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Sales Pitch

"NMR Pipetechtor (R)," the device to prevent red rust in pipes/reviving device etc.
Further longer security and safety.
Possible to prevent red rust in pipes for water supply lines at condominiums, hotels, hospitals, etc., cool/warm water pipes for air conditioning, cooling lines, and hot-water supply lines and to revive them. 
Without renewing pipes, the longevity of pipes can be extended to that of the longevity of the building. 
You can introduce our services in a short period without interrupting the water supply; this is very useful for cost cutting.
Advantages of the Product
・ The accumulated total of the installed devices has exceeded 4.1 thousand units! We have an outstanding number of past achievements 
・ Our products have also been installed in famous buildings in and outside the country; these are highly regarded
・ The cost is a fifth to a tenth of the renewal of pipes (in the case of a water supply line of a condominium) 
・ The effect continues without any running costs or maintenance! 
・ The effect of introduction is verified with the numbers in a period as short as a few weeks from one month or shorter.
Secure and Save "NMR method"
・ The only one in the industry whose paper was accepted and published by an academy society of Japan Society of Corrosion Engineering 
・ Patents acquired in Japan, Europe, Korea, and the US 
・ Interrupting water supply is not necessary even at the time of installation; so there is no loss from suspending business operation etc. 
・ The safe method of installation in which no product is in direct contact with water

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