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Latest update: 09/03/2020 11:59:26

Maruku Corporation

"World of imagination" that starts from one metallic plate

Giving life to a material such as steel and stainless steel to shape a metallic plate. MARUKU CORPORATION is working hard to process metals by complying with clients' requests.

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Introduction to our business lineup, product as well as technology summaries, and other information
Business lineup and features
Precision sheet-metal processing is all of what we offer. The processing is achieved from countless trials and errors, experiments, trial production, as well as the reviewing of processes; it is the fruition of the knowledge, experiences, know-how, as well as technologies that we have nurtured for 30 years. A coherent acting system based on computer programming, leaner production lines without waste, unreasonableness, as well as unevenness, and skills of trained engineers. To meet a variety of clients' needs, we not only have cutting-edge machinery and equipment, but also have established a highly functional technology system with a high level of readiness. We can process one single plate of a material such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. The thickness of processed plates vary from 0.1 to 12 mm.  
Summaries of main products, technologies, and equipment
Programs are vital parts of our systems. Programs for directing and controlling a series of systems need to have the vision of overlooking the entire processes and development capabilities for manufacturing. To process materials in ways suitable for them, we perform programming appropriately. As for equipment, we have CAD/CAM for sheeting, laser beam machines, turret punch presses, spot welders, etc. to perform processing in a one-stop manner.  
For matching
Above all else, we are proud of our systems and our employees; the systems we have obtained by using time and experiences, and the employees that are full of creativity and imagination and cannot be replaced by machines. A smooth combination of these two elements allows us to accomplish creative tasks that our rivals cannot; a clear direction, a feeling of responsibility, an inquisitive mind, and ambition, all of which are borne by each employee. This high level of consciousness is reflected in the quality and cost of our products. Reliable techniques and sensitivity that professionals have and spirit backed by these two factors. We, professional engineers with pride, respond to current needs and aspire to the future.   

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