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Kousin Industry Co., Ltd.

Products based our long history and the skillful techniques of our craftsmen.

We produce and sell plastic porous elements (plastic filters). We use a technique called sintering to perform resin molding. We produce functional components widely used in fields such as medical care, environments, industrial purposes, and foods. By producing plastic filters, we are making efforts to improve water problems.

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Protecting the beautiful earth with plastic filters
Characteristics of our plastic filters
At first, metal filters were used. Then, plastic filters, which are low cost and easily  processed came to be used. This tendency has not changed, and at present, it is said that there is no material on earth cheaper than plastics. The performance of plastic filters can be selected depending on the characteristics of the plastic used (hard, soft, large or small pore diameters, heat resistance, etc.) and on the purpose of the filters. The demand for plastic filters around the world is expanding as technology progresses.
Possibilities of plastic filters
(1) We can propose using plastic filters as materials for developing new markets. Plastic filters can be used as incomparably light and tough materials in fields such as accessories and fashion. When mixed with additives, they can have new textures, odor eliminating effects, fragrances or emit negative ions. As these examples show, we can propose the development of unprecedented products. We expect that plastic filters will allow our clients to establish new brands.
(2) In relation to recent environmental problems, we can propose the use of plastic materials as an aid to barriers. Specifically, they can be used for blocking earth and sand and letting water flow in the event of landslides caused by torrential rain, etc.
(3) Plastic filters can be used as materials for various others purposes. As such, they have high future prospects.
Purposes of plastic filters
[Past applications]
〇Medical care: Suction devices for surgery
and inspection equipment
〇Environmental fields: Purifiers, silencers, and mufflers
〇Industrial fields (pneumatic devices and coating equipment)
〇Foods (sensor caps for thermostats and equipment for fisheries)
*Other fields 
[Possible applications]
〇Medical care: Due to Japan's aging society and the global population expansion, plastic filters and those to be newly developed are expected to be in high demand for medical devices, equipment, etc.  
〇Environmental and industrial fields: In relation to population increases and the prevention of environmental destruction, plastic filters and those to be newly developed are expected to be for purposes such as cleaning water and air, as well as promoting ecological functions related to improvements in operating efficiency.

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