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Hero Electric Co., Ltd.

Specializing in vehicle repair parts and demonstrating expertise as well as original technological capabilities that have been nurtured for 50 years 

Established in 1968, we are a manufacturer that specializes in vehicle repair parts. Since our establishment, we have been specializing in the provision of products for professional use such as wiring terminals, components related to them, and crimp tools. 2018 was our 50th year anniversary since our establishment. We also produce harnesses for maintaining and inspecting vehicles, ships, motorcycles, construction machinery, agricultural equipment, etc. The harnesses are provided for famous Japanese car manufacturers, etc., bearing the clients' names. Complying with clients' requests, we manufacture products based on experiences, which we have so far nurtured, and our products are highly appreciated. 

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Made in Japan
[Business lineup and strengths]
The Automotive Wiring Connector Div. manufactures and sells crimp wiring terminals, battery terminals, wiring members, as well as crimping tools, and sells parts related to connectors of various manufacturers. The Wire Harness Div. produces wire harnesses (mainly for inspection jigs) and engages in tasks related to the wire harnesses. The Press Working & Die Div. mainly manufacture terminals (loose pieces and stamping) dedicated to vehicle repair. 
[Summaries and purposes of main products, technologies, and services]
We have delivered vehicle repair parts including various terminals (such as bullet terminals), connector sets, terminal kits, battery terminals, and cables as well as car fasteners for battery connection. As for wire harnesses, we mainly manufacture small lots of harnesses for inspection jigs for vehicle maintenance equipment. The Press Working & Die Div. has a wire-electrical discharge machine, form grinding machines, lathes, automatic press machines, etc. and develops vehicle repair crimp wiring terminals, crimping tools, etc. to meet the various needs of clients.
[Award-winning history and media coverage history]
No.157 "Copper&Brass"(PR magazine of Japan Copper Development Association)
Car Audio Magazine (GEIBUNSHA PUBLISHING Co., Ltd.)
The Truckers Magazine (GEIBUNSHA PUBLISHING Co., Ltd.) 
Old-timer (YAESU Publishing co., ltd.) 
Auto Camper (YAESU Publishing co., ltd.)
Certified according to ISO9001: 2015 and  ISO14001: 2015.
[History of business and co-development with famous companies]
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
Hitachi Auto Parts & Service Co., Ltd.
Bosch Corporation
Showa Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.
Toyota Technical College Tokyo
[Message from the President (about activities for developing new distribution channels in the future, about how to utilize J-GoodTeck, and about other matters)]
We were founded as a manufacturer that specializes in vehicle repair parts for professional use. Since then, for 50 years, we have nurtured original technologies, delivered a variety of products, and built expertise that is backed by the technologies and delivery history. The expertise is our strength and our source for creating new added values. HERO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. defines 2018, when we were in our 50th year since our foundation, as the "2nd foundation year." In and after 2018, we will not forget our policy that has not changed since our foundation, "Improving work efficiency at production sites and continuously pursuing reliable quality for professional use," will actively take on the challenge of new fields, and make company-wide efforts to meet expectations. Your continued support and guidance would be highly appreciated.  



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