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We are the company that connects electricity and enriches society. We are the system architecture company that produces products of value.

Since our foundation in 1951, we have been doing business as a business partner to power companies as well as famous heavy electric machinery companies, and producing various power controllers for the fields of power generation, electrical energy transformation, power supply, and electricity storage, while performing processes from development to production in an integrated fashion. We propose solutions to client by utilizing our technological capabilities as well as our consultation capabilities. 

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Introduction to our business lineup, product as well as technology summaries, and other information
Business lineup and features
We are the manufacturer that provides power controllers for power companies and heavy electric machinery companies in Japan, performing processes from design as well as development to production. Our products widely support social infrastructure in fields such as power companies' power plants as well as substations, railroads, water supply systems, and sewage systems. Our strengths lie in universal core technologies for protecting, monitoring, and controlling electricity and in innovative production technologies for manufacturing that utilize 3D-CAD. By introducing the 3D-CAD, we promote the streamlining of integrated production. Recently, we have been using robots to develop production equipment.     
Summaries of main products, technologies, and equipment
For the electricity sector, we provide products such as power supply cubicles for power plants, cubicles for hydraulic power plants, system coordinating cubicles for wind-power plants, protection equipment for various systems in substations, and cooling systems for large-sized transformers. For the pubic, railroad, and industrial sectors, we produce products such as switching gears for water supply as well as sewage, control panels for railroad companies, and signal wiring panels for Shinkansen bullet trains, supporting water, transportation, and industry required for people's daily life behind the scenes. For the digital and medical sectors, we provide digital solutions the core technologies of which are mechanical design, software design, and substrate design.    
For matching
Making "commonplaces" in daily life "comfortable." "Solving" daily life problems. We aim at being a "heartwarming company" that connects not only electricity, but also humans. "Electricity" has become more and more important due to the spread of electric vehicles and renewable energy. We, professionals skillfully dealing with electricity, will meet the further needs of our society. If you have any concerns about a matter related to an electric controller, please contact us.

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